Talent and Education (career) 2

Choosing between talent and education is a bit complicated because the two are intertwined. Some may choose talent because talent is innate, all encompassing. Talent is natural while education is artificial. However in some few cases, talent might need to be trained through education. Many people are born with talent and education enhances it so it is good to get educated too. Education will give you the direction yet talent will get you there.

Education can be bought and is basically meaningless these days so the only choice is talent. Many celebrities might be making a lot of money through talent while they have their degrees and academic qualifications in a box kept safe under the bed. Both can be improved hence will and curiosity can also be more valuable. Passion is much more vital and you can develop your talent or education because of passion. Talent is gained easier than education because it is something within you.

Well, having both again can be good because talent can help you make money and education will help you keep money unless if you will have a personal manager and financial adviser. Many talented people lost it all because they lacked financial education. You can not play football forever. For example MC Hammer and Mike Tyson, they all had talent but not financial education and lost it all and the list goes on.

Education leads to networking thus producing financial opportunities. Internships, recitals, certifications, degrees along with the chance to rub elbows with industry insiders are provided by a “great” education. Yes, talent is awesome and will get you praise. However, talent alone does not get you paid is there is no form or education inside you. You ought want to live from what you get through your talent yes that is not bad but is is advised to pass via school sometimes. Unfortunately, who you know matters more than what you know. Sure, with extreme focus and hard work, your talent may open an unlikely door to a gainful career. Realistically though, education/networking makes the path easier to showcase your talent as a career.

The guy a few years ago that was homeless but had a “Golden Voice”. They cleaned him up, gave him a gig, and let him shine…but he “academically” was lacking. That resulted in mis-managment in his earnings and that eventually resulted in going right back to where he had came from. It was not until he started to strengthen his mind is where he finally got on track. So….

Talent = ablilty to do something special, but may not get far becasue knoweldge is lacking.

“Institutional” Education = you’ll get a piece a paper saying you completed something and then have student loans for the rest of your life. If you have some talent it can get you somewhere.

“Self” Education = If you can get to the truth…that can take you farther then anything. I hire people based on what they know currently, if they are willing to learn more, and (most important) know that talent is really only 30% of the puzzle.

Education guarentees nothing and promises everything. My bottom line is both but talent is worth a lot more as compared to education. It is 90% talent and 10% to education for the right recipe to success . These two are intertwined, talent itself is an education. Talent does not need education but education needs talent.

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12 thoughts on “Talent and Education (career) 2

      1. But I think that’s if you use it as a profession to make money, or will I say you can’t use football talent to make money for long, but u can play ball after you stop playing for club, what do u think?

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      2. it all depends that is why i said the two are intertwined. You may use talent while you can and if you have some education, whatever you earn through talent will be there forever.


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