HIV/AIDS, what comes to your mind when you see these words? Whatever you see, let it have and bring hope. Long back, it used to be something to be ashamed of having HIV/AIDS or having a family member wig it. Even now it is but the frequency is very low and is decreasing.

Just like any other chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease, HIV/AIDS, lupus, and multiple sclerosis. Many people with these illnesses become depressed. In fact, depression is one of the most common complications of chronic illness. People tend to forget a lot of things and tend to put their shift and focus much more on HIV.

I have realized, HIV is not as deadly as I thought looking at people living with it especially people who have accepted it. The deadly part of HIV starts when one is in denial. First thing to deal with any negativity is acceptance and believing in the power that you have the power and can change anything from being negative to being positive.

Like any other disease, HIV comes with a set of ideas on how to face it head on, deal with it and defeat it. Let not your dreams be shuttered by anything in life you have the power to change. Usually people tend to give up on themselves after realizing that they are HIV positive . They give up on a lot of things in life and give up on hope for their lives. Some might even go to extents of caring less and making sure that everyone they choose to have sexual contact with is affected too.

By so doing, you might be thinking that is the best way to deal with it but not knowing that you are destroying yourself too. It is of much significance to open up about your HIV status to anyone you choose to have sexual contact with. It does not matter how you ended up having the HIV virus but taking good care of yourself is vital and can help save your life and other people’s lives. I am so inspired by people who choose to open up about their HIV statuses for example Tatenda Karigambe-Sandburg. He/ She opens up about her/his HIV status and inspires everyone living with it. Her aim in not to destroy but to build in this case and gives hope to people living with HIV as she uses her story to motivate and inspire others.

Tatenda shares everything about HIV that can help save one or more lives. The best thing is to take good care of yourself, love others and yourself too. It is important to make sure that your diet and way of life you choose to live would rather increase your CD4 count than to decrease it. Be a living testimony, inspire someone and save a life. Usually people end up living their whole lives in denial simply because they lacked someone who could give their story of life to motivate and inspire them.

There are so many people I know who are living with HIV / AIDS and I am glad most of them accepted and are living with it. Some of them even go an extra mile to share their side of story in order to encourage and give awareness to people. It is good for one to attend those awareness campaigns and learn one or a few things.

In this world we live, HIV is everywhere because it’s endemic. You can not see who has or does not have it except they only tell you. It is important to tell the people you engage with so that if they accept you or deny you, they do it once and for all before hurting them or yourself. Some do no care about whether the person is HIV positive or not, which is not very bad and it is also their choice.

Let us try by all means to try and create an HIV free generation by giving those already having HIV/AIDS the best form of support than sidelining them. It is our duty to help those living with HIV/AIDS to never stop hoping, having dreams, setting goals, having visions and so forth. Having a chronic disease is not the end of the world but might even be a beginning to a new world.

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Being a Mother…

Being a mother is indeed a title gained and earned that does not just come freely. Some mothers do not really deserve to be called mothers simply by just looking at their actions without even them having to open their mouths to say a word. Being called a mother does not just come freely through claiming that you are a mother but they are actions involved.

There are a lot of sacrifices that mothers make for us that no one else can ever make. There are actions done by mothers which no one else will ever understand unless if they are mothers too. All mothers have got the same heart, based on love and full of love. If whatever the actions someone claims to be a mother does are completely against the theme of love, then the title of a mother can be pulled off them easily.

A mother is someone well respected and someone who has done a lot of good things and sacrifices to get there. As strict as mothers may seem to be, their actions are only based on love and on bringing a positive change or some positive changes in our lives. In our African culture particularly in Zimbabwe, beating your mother, swearing at your mother or abusing your mother in any way is believed to bring bad luck on you which is called , “kutanda botso” in Shona. Usually, things will never go right for you until you pay the price by simply giving your mother all the love and respect she deserves no matter how she looks like or what she has done in the past. By simply not aborting you and raising you, that is a great thing already.

No matter how wrong, short, light, dark or whatever that woman may appear to us, being called a mother is not only based on that but based on what they carry in their hearts. Mothers’ hearts carry love, endless love. No matter how many mistakes we make, mothers will still find a place in their hearts to forgive us as compared to fathers. Yes fathers may forgive us but not as easy and as much as mothers do. Mothers are just a strong pillar or strong pillars we need in life in order to live a happier life. Their blessings just puts everything in place and leaving us happy and secure.

Have you ever thought of birth? Giving birth is a matter of life and death. Giving birth involves not only what we know or hear. There are a lot of things and sacrifices in the process. For a woman to reach 9 months while carrying a life, is much of a sacrifice. Mothers are strong to carry a life for 9 months and try by all means to make sure it lives even without them knowing the gender. Sometimes, if the father wants a son then the wife is pregnant with a girl or gives birth to a girl, the wife might be blamed by the husband or by relatives. With being blamed and all those insults, mothers never give up but will sacrifice to make sure that they bring another life into existence.

Mothers have got all the power to save an unborn child or to kill it but most of them (99%) who have got a heart full of love, will still choose and stand to give birth and bring a life into existence. Mothers sacrifice to raise us and help us grow. Some might even have complicated births which becomes a matter of life and death on the mother, unborn child or both. This is well known but still, mothers make all those sacrifices. Some mothers are even forced to abort or put into situations that gives them no choice than to abort but still, they sacrifice to save a life they do not even know much about. Looking and knowing how horrible some offsprings may be, mothers still sacrifice to give in and give it a try. It is like gambling and gambling is not for the faint hearted. Mothers are always hoping for the best no matter how hard the situation may seem to be.

Even in some situations, we fear to disappoint everyone around us especially our mothers. We try by all means to make them happy and proud which comes naturally depending on the sacrifices they have made for us. We will know that making them happy will do nothing but bring more blessings to us. No matter the shame or disappointment we might make or bring to people around us and people who care for us, everyone will give up on us except for our mothers. Mothers will still give us another chance no matter how much we have broken their trust in us.

Sometimes, mothers can keep the worst secrets of us and even tries to protect us from everything even when some things will be crystal clear and while they really know the truth that we are not innocent, all they care about is protecting us. Mothers will always try and make us people in life. Sometimes it might seem as if they do not care about us or love us until we naturally come to a point of understanding what being a mother really means and what being a mother is all about. Being a mother is not only about giving birth, but it also involves how you raise the child and taking responsibility.

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It is important and very much important to know who you trust in life. The person you trust the most more than anyone else can have the power to destroy you more than anything or anyone else. Because you trust them, they will know so much about you whether negative and positive and will also discover your weaknesses more than anyone else.

It is more important to trust a dog than to trust a human being. It is much important to trust a tree or stone than never moves or speaks than to trust a human being. Above all, trusting in God is the most important to do. Not to trust anyone does not mean not loving anyone. Yes let us love people , all people but never to trust him or her or anyone. They say love them all but trust no one. If you trust your husband so much that you think he does not or will never cheat as compared to other men, then you get it all wrong. It will easily destroy you. Imagine after giving him so much trust, he can surprise you, destroy you and leave you in pain if you survive and not die. Sometimes you can survive but can die slowly inside because your happiness is destroyed. If you live a sad life, you might be destroying yourself slowly because a sad life is not worth living. Always be happy and stay away from all those things than can destroy your own happiness.

Remember always leave a room for disappointment so that you will never trust anyone to the extent of giving them so much power to destroy you. Once you leave a room for disappointment, no matter what they choose to do or say which might affect you, it will never have power to weigh down your happiness. Too much expectation can lead to disappointments. If you want to be happy, the rule is very simple, trust no one and try in as much as you can to maintain or increase your happiness in life. But try in as much as you can to love anyone.

Never ever put your trust in someone else because once you do, already you have handed over the power to someone so that they can destroy you . You will always have to please them or to be loyal to them even when they do not deserve it because you know very well that one simple move then it is game over for you. These people you trust usually know your deepest secrets even those secrets than can lead to your downfall or destruction. If we decide to trust in someone, let us make sure that whatever they do will never in any way destroy us.

Even if the person is a mother, a father, a sister, a relative, a friend, a neighbor, a enemy, that person should never be trusted. Not everyone you can trust will have the power to destroy you. Some may even be thinking of developing you in a positive way only. Some are only there for a good thing. Trust if you want but verify. Never put your happiness in someone’s hands by giving them so much trust. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. It is very much to repair trust once it is broken. Remember trust is build with consistency, trust is earned through actions and not only through words. Sometimes it is better to trust yourself because as soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

No matter who ever you choose to trust, just try and avoid trusting them to the extent of putting your faith in them. Faith is trust in ultimate meaning. My motto is, “in God I trust”. Not everyone can be trusted, I think we all have to be very selective about the people we trust. In the end, the choice is yours where to trust or not to trust someone. Trust is very fragile. Trust does not come with a refill. Once it is gone, you probably won’t get it back, and if you do, it will never be the same and that’s a fact.

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Let us…

Let us all try to embrace and understand this, we all make mistakes and no one is perfect. I have made a lot of mistakes in which some I even fear to confess them or say them to anyone else. Sins may be disgraceful but let us be grateful for making them because in most if not all of the cases, we learn a lesson and it can bring forth something good or positive regarding our lives and the lives of others around us….

Let us all give attention and never judge those who choose to share their testimonies or experiences which are worth sharing and beneficial. The more you listen to motivational and inspirational things, the more your life gets better and the more wiser you get. Always learn to listen, pay attention and judge less because we are all not too clean to judge. We all have sins and we all have made mistakes, no one is perfect. It does not make sense at all to judge others whilst you do not really know their story.

Let us all be receptive to anything good, positive and beneficial as long as it is going to build us up and develop us and let us ignore anything bad or negative. We have to understand that mistakes are a best way of teaching us and our self development too so let us all embrace our mistakes and other people’s mistakes. If only people lived their lives without the fear of being judged, life was going to be more funnier and good.

People now fear to try new things, explore and experiment because of the fear of being judged and these words, “what will people say”. No one ever lived before so we all have a chance to experience things and experience is the simple name we give to our mistakes. We need to forgive ourselves for mistakes we have made and to forgive others for mistakes they have made too and move on, life is too short to be stuck on history while the future awaits.

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We need change in the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Recreation.

As I was listening to the radio some days ago, I was listening to studio 7 to be specific . I was touched by what I heard, it was during the burial of Lawrence Simbarashe popularly known as Mudhara bhonzo. There was an issue or a complain that the Government of Zimbabwe is not doing much to support those who fall under the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Recreation.

Zimbabwe is full of talent. There are many people who are talented in Zimbabwe but then the support base is too weak and can not do anything to protect musicians, actors, dancers, writers, dancers and many other talented people from one of the most challenging factors which is Piracy. Think of how much Wendy Williams is paid for gossiping but then, how many talented gossipers do we have in Zimbabwe? We need more talk shows, reality shows and so forth. Think of how many comedians we have, how much do they earn? Think of singers and actors then look at the level of piracy that’s is affecting them, how much are they earning? Look at other talented people from around the world or from financially stable countries, how much are they earning compared to those in Zimbabwe? Are they not making a living out of it.

First and foremost, the government of Zimbabwe should have Laws that protect and stand for talented people. We need laws against those that try to destroy or use talented people for their own benefit. These people are most of the promoters and also each and every person in the successful pattern of piracy. It is very hard to end piracy and corruption in Africa but at least something must be done. Wish people can now just download movies and music for free from the internet but can purchase it from the internet. In this way, at least the originators will gain something.

Most people from Zimbabwe are even talented when it comes to sports, hairdressing, fabric designing and sewing. Many people end up suffering while they have gifts that can make them earn and live a better life. Piracy and corruption are serious cases that should be dealt with. It is hard to end corruption and piracy but at least something can be done to limit it to the minimum level. Many Zimbabweans are lacking this spark to turn their lives into something good and positive and some end up giving up.

Look at when Mudhara Bhonzo died, no one from the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture came but Mudhara Bhonzo was a celebrity in Zimbabwe. He was a darling of many companies as they engaged him for adverts. He featured on local and international films. He was supposed to die a happy and satisfied man benefiting from his own talent. He ended up living from begging because of his ailments which affected his voice which was the root of his trade. How was he going to act with a very low voice? He hardly uttered audible words and he could no longer get advertising or acting roles.

At this point and time, the Ministry was supposed to intervene and assist him take care of his hospital bills and family. He played a big role in the Entertainment Industry to be particular. Amos Mahendere gave a speech on why the Government never attended or at least sent a representative from the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Recreation. The Minister of this Ministry Mr Kazembe Kazembe does not really know what his Ministry is all about and his duties as the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture. We need a Minister with knowledge in this field or he must equip himself with whatever is needed to fulfill his duties.

Look at Cde Chinx, he played a very significant role in the liberation war of struggle. Like what Mr Mahendere said, can we do without entertainment in the form of music every now and then? When we are happy, sad, celebrating, crying and so forth, there are always songs, singing or some music going hand in glove with events that take place in our lives. We need music at parties and also at funerals people sing. Cde Chinx ended up getting a new house from the Zimbabwe Music Awards and some furniture gifts from individuals like Cde Joseph Chinotimba before his death. Was he not supposed to get this gift even before he fell ill? The Ministry should make sure talented people get tokens of appreciation and what they deserve. This will be a motivation and inspiration to all upcoming actors, singers, dancers, writers, designers and so forth. The house given to Cde Chinx had became doubtful given a history of some unfulfilled promises to artists by stakeholders in the arts industry.

Many talented Djs around the world are making waves but not in Zimbabwe. Yes in Zimbabwe some are making it but it is usually due to corruption, chance or luck. So does it mean those without connections must suffer? The Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture must be fair to all and give equal opportunities to all. How many people are not entertained through people who fall under the wings of this Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture? Zimbabwe is full of talent in as much as this entertainment industry is concerned in which this can even benefit the nation at large as long as the government gives these people a proper support base.

On another note, if the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Recreation will by any chance manage to give talented people what they deserve or help them get what they deserve, it is the duty of the actor, singer, dancer or writer to manage their income well. Some fail to manage their income and end up falling from grace. There are many examples of those who made it in this industry but lacked proper management and ended up suffering. One of the main things again is the Economy of Zimbabwe which is not stable.

It is not always that everyone who is talented or has a gift should automatically benefit but it takes passion and hard work. Never relax because you have a talent but push on, work hard and do whatever you do with love and passion then every good thing will start to follow. We should have also Organizations willing to help develop and artists all upcoming talent in Zimbabwe.

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About Marriage (2)…

Marriage is a good thing, a husband or a wife is really a good thing especially when the husband or wife comes from God. Imagine the joy of having someone you love and can spend the rest of your life with come what may. Marriage is indeed a blessing and not being married is not a curse. People get married for different reasons and people do not want to get married for different reasons too.

Is it not good having a nightmare and then you have someone who is lying next to you to wake you up and bring you back to consciousness from sleep then reminds you that it was just a dream while comforting you. Imagine falling sick at the middle of the night and you are with someone next to you ready to help you, does that not make you feel good? Imagine having someone who is always ready and prepared to protect you, fight for you, help you succeed and makes you happy.

It is not always the duty of the husband to help the woman climb the ladder of happiness or towards happiness but it is also the wife’s duty to help the husband rise too. Both the wife and husband have got very vital duties to play in marriages. Both men and women can contribute to long lasting relationships according to their potentials. As women, we help men in a different way and they do the same to us. A relationship or marriage should never be one sided.

Think of a man going extra miles to make sure that his family, wife and kids are happy. A lot is needed and most of the things needed are made possible by the wife. Think of a full stomach filled with scrumptious food, think of the clean nice clothes and shoes for those important money making events and also think of that motivation. Having a wife to men should not just be a blessing but it should also be a motivation and inspiration. As women, we should always learn and know how to motivate and encourage our men in as much as we can.

Have you ever noticed that some men may work day in and day out but you will never see any positive changes in their lives. It is just the same old them with the same old mindset. Once they have a wife, she might not only be cooking and washing for you but she can also give you some advise and ideas that will help you change in some positive way. Some men will become even more successful once they get married especially when they get married to the right person. It is sad that getting married to the wrong person or having been in wrong relationships might blind you to the extent of not seeing the good thing about marriage.

When dating , never rush or feel pressurized but take your time and think of the right person for you. Choose without pressure and according to your own opinions not anyone’s because people have got different opinions. Think of what makes you happy not what makes your friends and family happy because it is your life, whatever happens to it will greatly affect you and whatever way you choose to do with it or people decide to help you deal with it, will at one point or the other need your own efforts.

I always say marriage is not a child’s play. Never blame marriage for all the bad things you have seen in love and marriages but blame yourself for not having being good knowledge and wisdom upon making the decision. After all, blame is not the way out of problems but take it as a lesson and never think of blaming anything or anyone because everything happens for a reason and only a good reason. Never be blinded but the wrong things that happen but use those wrong and negative things as eye openers and be grateful for it.

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