We need change in the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Recreation.

As I was listening to the radio some days ago, I was listening to studio 7 to be specific . I was touched by what I heard, it was during the burial of Lawrence Simbarashe popularly known as Mudhara bhonzo. There was an issue or a complain that the Government of Zimbabwe is not doing much to support those who fall under the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Recreation.

Zimbabwe is full of talent. There are many people who are talented in Zimbabwe but then the support base is too weak and can not do anything to protect musicians, actors, dancers, writers, dancers and many other talented people from one of the most challenging factors which is Piracy. Think of how much Wendy Williams is paid for gossiping but then, how many talented gossipers do we have in Zimbabwe? We need more talk shows, reality shows and so forth. Think of how many comedians we have, how much do they earn? Think of singers and actors then look at the level of piracy that’s is affecting them, how much are they earning? Look at other talented people from around the world or from financially stable countries, how much are they earning compared to those in Zimbabwe? Are they not making a living out of it.

First and foremost, the government of Zimbabwe should have Laws that protect and stand for talented people. We need laws against those that try to destroy or use talented people for their own benefit. These people are most of the promoters and also each and every person in the successful pattern of piracy. It is very hard to end piracy and corruption in Africa but at least something must be done. Wish people can now just download movies and music for free from the internet but can purchase it from the internet. In this way, at least the originators will gain something.

Most people from Zimbabwe are even talented when it comes to sports, hairdressing, fabric designing and sewing. Many people end up suffering while they have gifts that can make them earn and live a better life. Piracy and corruption are serious cases that should be dealt with. It is hard to end corruption and piracy but at least something can be done to limit it to the minimum level. Many Zimbabweans are lacking this spark to turn their lives into something good and positive and some end up giving up.

Look at when Mudhara Bhonzo died, no one from the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture came but Mudhara Bhonzo was a celebrity in Zimbabwe. He was a darling of many companies as they engaged him for adverts. He featured on local and international films. He was supposed to die a happy and satisfied man benefiting from his own talent. He ended up living from begging because of his ailments which affected his voice which was the root of his trade. How was he going to act with a very low voice? He hardly uttered audible words and he could no longer get advertising or acting roles.

At this point and time, the Ministry was supposed to intervene and assist him take care of his hospital bills and family. He played a big role in the Entertainment Industry to be particular. Amos Mahendere gave a speech on why the Government never attended or at least sent a representative from the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Recreation. The Minister of this Ministry Mr Kazembe Kazembe does not really know what his Ministry is all about and his duties as the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture. We need a Minister with knowledge in this field or he must equip himself with whatever is needed to fulfill his duties.

Look at Cde Chinx, he played a very significant role in the liberation war of struggle. Like what Mr Mahendere said, can we do without entertainment in the form of music every now and then? When we are happy, sad, celebrating, crying and so forth, there are always songs, singing or some music going hand in glove with events that take place in our lives. We need music at parties and also at funerals people sing. Cde Chinx ended up getting a new house from the Zimbabwe Music Awards and some furniture gifts from individuals like Cde Joseph Chinotimba before his death. Was he not supposed to get this gift even before he fell ill? The Ministry should make sure talented people get tokens of appreciation and what they deserve. This will be a motivation and inspiration to all upcoming actors, singers, dancers, writers, designers and so forth. The house given to Cde Chinx had became doubtful given a history of some unfulfilled promises to artists by stakeholders in the arts industry.

Many talented Djs around the world are making waves but not in Zimbabwe. Yes in Zimbabwe some are making it but it is usually due to corruption, chance or luck. So does it mean those without connections must suffer? The Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture must be fair to all and give equal opportunities to all. How many people are not entertained through people who fall under the wings of this Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture? Zimbabwe is full of talent in as much as this entertainment industry is concerned in which this can even benefit the nation at large as long as the government gives these people a proper support base.

On another note, if the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Recreation will by any chance manage to give talented people what they deserve or help them get what they deserve, it is the duty of the actor, singer, dancer or writer to manage their income well. Some fail to manage their income and end up falling from grace. There are many examples of those who made it in this industry but lacked proper management and ended up suffering. One of the main things again is the Economy of Zimbabwe which is not stable.

It is not always that everyone who is talented or has a gift should automatically benefit but it takes passion and hard work. Never relax because you have a talent but push on, work hard and do whatever you do with love and passion then every good thing will start to follow. We should have also Organizations willing to help develop and artists all upcoming talent in Zimbabwe.

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About Marriage (2)…

Marriage is a good thing, a husband or a wife is really a good thing especially when the husband or wife comes from God. Imagine the joy of having someone you love and can spend the rest of your life with come what may. Marriage is indeed a blessing and not being married is not a curse. People get married for different reasons and people do not want to get married for different reasons too.

Is it not good having a nightmare and then you have someone who is lying next to you to wake you up and bring you back to consciousness from sleep then reminds you that it was just a dream while comforting you. Imagine falling sick at the middle of the night and you are with someone next to you ready to help you, does that not make you feel good? Imagine having someone who is always ready and prepared to protect you, fight for you, help you succeed and makes you happy.

It is not always the duty of the husband to help the woman climb the ladder of happiness or towards happiness but it is also the wife’s duty to help the husband rise too. Both the wife and husband have got very vital duties to play in marriages. Both men and women can contribute to long lasting relationships according to their potentials. As women, we help men in a different way and they do the same to us. A relationship or marriage should never be one sided.

Think of a man going extra miles to make sure that his family, wife and kids are happy. A lot is needed and most of the things needed are made possible by the wife. Think of a full stomach filled with scrumptious food, think of the clean nice clothes and shoes for those important money making events and also think of that motivation. Having a wife to men should not just be a blessing but it should also be a motivation and inspiration. As women, we should always learn and know how to motivate and encourage our men in as much as we can.

Have you ever noticed that some men may work day in and day out but you will never see any positive changes in their lives. It is just the same old them with the same old mindset. Once they have a wife, she might not only be cooking and washing for you but she can also give you some advise and ideas that will help you change in some positive way. Some men will become even more successful once they get married especially when they get married to the right person. It is sad that getting married to the wrong person or having been in wrong relationships might blind you to the extent of not seeing the good thing about marriage.

When dating , never rush or feel pressurized but take your time and think of the right person for you. Choose without pressure and according to your own opinions not anyone’s because people have got different opinions. Think of what makes you happy not what makes your friends and family happy because it is your life, whatever happens to it will greatly affect you and whatever way you choose to do with it or people decide to help you deal with it, will at one point or the other need your own efforts.

I always say marriage is not a child’s play. Never blame marriage for all the bad things you have seen in love and marriages but blame yourself for not having being good knowledge and wisdom upon making the decision. After all, blame is not the way out of problems but take it as a lesson and never think of blaming anything or anyone because everything happens for a reason and only a good reason. Never be blinded but the wrong things that happen but use those wrong and negative things as eye openers and be grateful for it.

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Mindset Impact (4)…

What you have is what you think and what you think is what you have. Somewhere and somehow, we are all results of our thoughts or how we live or what we go through is simply a reflection of what we carry in our heads. As a man thinketh, so he is. What do you think of yourself? So do you think bad or good about yourself? Do you think about failure or success regarding yourself? What is in your head?

Never underestimate the power of thoughts which can also be attached to the power of words. Are you speaking little or big about yourself? Let the thought you have about yourself and future help motivate and develop those around you and the next person. Never let your life be the centre of destruction but let it be the centre of motivation and inspiration. Live a life that will help others have and maintain a positive mind and positive thoughts.

I have read a lot about popular people’s success stories and most of them were seen as useless objects by many. Encourage others, strengthen others, motivate others and inspire others in a positive way. By so doing, you will be making the world a better place and your life better too. Let people see and believe the power of their thoughts and mindset. Do you help others rise or fall? Helping others is not only related to finances but it varies, you can help others by your simple thoughts.

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Death (2)…

As I think of death, I will never wish death on people whether I know them or not, whether they do good or bad and whether they have wronged me or not. No matter how much you may hate or dislike a person and wish they could just die and leave this world, remember someone out there or some people out there will be hurt by the death of that particular person. No matter how hard you pray and wish for someone’s death because they are of no value to you, remember someone out there is praying harder that they live long.

We have to accept death but it is very difficult to finally come to terms of accepting death and taking it as something which is part of life. How can death be part of life because death and life are parallel lines which never meet. Death is the opposite of life and in my own perspective, I do not see death as a part of life but as the end of life. Life is a journey we should all enjoy come what may and regardless of whatever challenges we may face. Some may take death as a hiccup in the journey of life and after that death hiccup, there is life (resurrection)

Always make sure that as you live your life, you are inspiring and motivating someone. Let that be one of the many goals we may have in as much as our lives are concerned. Even if you are going to die or we are going to die and leave this world, let everyone who remembers us have smiles on their faces. It is your duty and it is also my duty to make my life and the lives of everyone around us worth living. As you lay in bed to take a nap at the end of each day, ask yourself how many people you have inspired or built and helped develop in a positive way,how many people you have destroyed by your words and actions. Does that bring a smile on your face? If no, then take another day (tomorrow) as another chance to correct and rectify all the mistakes you have made.

If ever death is going to visit you, make sure that you have lived a life that motivates and inspires people to do better and their best. Never try to live a life whereby you do things to please people but do things you enjoy, love and like then people will eventually accept you and love you the way you are. Never live a life that will leave people with only sad memories about you but make sure you live a life that will leave people with good memories about you. Never pretend but let people know you for who you are and accept that.

Everyone here on earth is of much significance and never underestimate the value or significance of any person created by God. If there are people of no value to your life or people who bring bad memories to your life, always remember that there is someone somewhere out there who says this person is all I have. No matter how much you hate or you may hate another person, never wish them bad or never wish they could just die. Everyone has got his or her own value and not everyone can see everyone’s value until the time arrives.

Looking at our body parts, some of them may seem to be of less significance but when their time of serving their purpose arrives, these parts or organs are desperately needed. Think of how you mistreat or disrespect some people in life, think of how many people you disrespected, never valued, never gave them a chance to be with you or your attention but suddenly they die. You might start seeing their value or significance when they die that indeed something is now missing. Never regret when someone dies but cherish all the moments you had with the person.

Never wait until death arrives for you to see the value of others or the good in others but always seek for the good out of others and not the bad. I wish I could avoid and stop death but then, death is inevitable. They are a lot of things I wish i could stop but then, I have less power. Look at diseases like cancer, they pop up from nowhere and takes away life instantly. Look at HIV/AIDS and how it has wiped away people from the face of earth in the past and some innocent people even died, think of people born with diseases they do not even know where the hell they got them from, why and how. We have less power to stop or avoid death but let us at least do the best that we can to save Iives where and when we can.

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What does death mean to you? What comes to your mind when you think of death? Does the word, thought and feeling of death bring sadness or joy to your life? Have you ever thought of some people taking pills and drugs to save their lives while some are taking them to voluntarily end their lives? All done in the name of death it’s either you are running away from it and trying to save yourself from it or you are running towards it trying to meet i half way.

Yes we can do all that we can or want in life but no one will ever be ready for death. It is not easy to find someone saying they are ready to die unless if they are not happy and are trying to escape from something eating them up which I choose to call stress. Usually depressed people are the ones who can be found to be ready for death, for instance by trying or committing suicide or are always wishing if they could die.

A happy life can make you hate death because you still feel life is worth living because you are enjoying although they may seem to be challenges here and there. No one can ever be better or have less problems than anyone. We all have our challenges, problems and weaknesses so never let that make is seem as if life is not worth living.

Sometimes think of how happy and prepared you may seem to be about death. While holding on to that thought then you start thinking again of all the people you love, all the things you love, all the people who like you and everything else that you share the same love and likeness with… do you still want to die? I am sure we all like to spend as much time as we can with people we love, why because of creating memories. We really do not know or not sure of when exactly we are going to meet our loved ones after death if ever we are going to meet them.

Memories are too good and most memories if not all of them, as long as they are good memories, they will definitely make life worth living. We never know when each of us is going to die so let us make the best out of the people we have and the time we have with them. It is really hard to think of when you are going to die or knowing when you are going to die. It will verily make you so uncomfortable and might even start to eat you up. You start thinking a lot and planing a lot to fully prepare yourself but trust me, being fully prepared for death is a very difficult task of assignment.

Love and make the best out of each and every human being God gave us in life or brought into this world. No one here on earth belongs to anyone and no one owns anyone because we could have also had the power to prevent and cause death. We all belong to God since He is the one who brought us here or into this world and is the only one with the power to save us from death or take us back to him through death. We are like God’s flowers or plants so we do not really know when he is going to pluck any of His flowers or trees according to his choice and timing out of the field, farm or land.

Never underestimate yourself, always remember that you are a part of a puzzle in someone’s life but you may not know where you fit but someone’s life will never be complete without you. You are there for good purposes and not only for bad wrong reasons. You might not be of much significance to some people but to some others you are. Find the best and make the best out of the people God gave you in life be it family or friends. Imagine if someone dies or if you die and regret why you never had time to love and appreciate some things and people. Focus on the rose only and not on the thorns of the rose.

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Mindset Impact (3)…

It is important that we all have visions, goals, wishes and dreams. It is good having all that or even one of those above mentioned because they contribute much to the type of life we are going to live and for whatever thing we are going to face or come across with in life. Above all, it is a greater advantage having something to do along the journey of life which will bring you closer to your destiny, dreams,visions or wishes.

How are you living life, who are you associating with, what are you spending most of your time doing, who do you spend much of your time with, what do you think about most of the times? what is in your head? Is whatever you do, think, say and so forth driving you closer to fulfilling your goals, wishes, dreams and visions? If not, then why wasting time with it or on it? There is no way it is going to be possible fulfilling our dreams, goals, visions and wishes without having a clear mind first.

Is your mind clear, are you really sure of what you want in life? If no then redesign and reshuffle your mind so that it carries only positive vibes. If they are dreams, you can not just have dreams and continue dreaming for the rest of your life but rather, there is time to sleep, dream, waking up and acting towards achieving all the dreams. We can not be sleeping forever, we can not be babies forever, we can not be dreaming the same dreams forever, we can not be someone else’s responsibility forever but there comes a time in life where we have to act on those dreams, grow up, become responsible and so forth.

Dreaming is good but dreaming with no action or plan of achieving those dreams is as good as nothing and is a waste of time. Let it not just end in dreaming but do work towards achieving your dreams or find something that will help you achieve your dreams. Yes they are destructions that may try to discourage us and destroy us but it is all part on the journey. Never let that disturb you but rather take everything that comes your way as an advantage and find something good and beneficial out of it no matter how bad it may seem to be as it approaches you. If it is a lesson, grasp it because we have many ways of learning lessons in our lives especially from the mistakes we make and mistakes other people around us make.

Never take failure, mistakes and bad things we do become the closing chapter of our life episode but rather let it be a energy giver, a booster, a driving force and a motivation. Experience is the greatest teacher which we sometimes gain from mistakes that we make. Never think or judge yourself or others to think it is impossible doing it. As long as you have managed to dream it, this means you can have it too. What will determine you having it are your actions and your mindset. Always have a positive mind because from a positive mind is where everything good comes from. Like who does not want good things in life? Have a mindset that will help you live a life you want to live.

It is of much significance having a mindset in line with your dreams, goals, visions and wishes. What is it that you carry in your mind? Is it relevant to what you want in future? If not then drop it and create more space for more relevant things and ideas. Think positive thoughts, create positive vibes and attract positive people.Have a positive mindset for positive results.


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Change (2)…

Changing your life for the good is not a very easy task as it may sound or as you may think or as it may seems. The mindset has to change first before changing anything else. Change is not easy, it involves a lot of sad memories if you think of most things you really have to let go. I say change involves more sad forces that good forces in order to take place because sometimes it means dropping all that we thought it matters in life, all that we thought we can not live without.

Most people fear change or are afraid of change. They strongly feel or believe change is something that might even destroy you and/or damage you instead of building you up. Sometimes people are afraid to drop or let go of some things they are used to having or doing in life. They are not used to life without those things or those people, so they fear detaching themselves from those things/people might completely destroy themselves too.

Imagine when you learn or you are being taught to ride a bicycle. There is that fear that comes into your mind and body when you start having thoughts of removing baby wheels or when the person teaching you releases his/her hands from the bicycle which you were seeing as a balancing force. Even if you were not supposed to fall, that thought of you falling or that feeling of you falling might actually make you fall. Always have a positive mindset before that negative mindset destructs you or destroys you.

We have become so attached to some things or some people that are completely of no value to our lives. These things or people are actually eating up space or a special place that was supposed to be accommodating everything and everyone that brings about a positive change into our lives. What do you get by keeping up some friends that are not building you up or helping you grow and mature positively? Why keeping old things or wasting space on things that are no longer useful to you?

Something new or better is on the way and if it does not have space or you have not created space for it then where is it going to fit in? Create room and space for the things that matter. Remember someone is waiting for that special opportunity and is desperately in need of that same opportunity you misuse so if you do not have space for it, it will go where there is a place/space reserved for it. Remember opportunity knocks once at a man’s door. First change your mindset and believe that you can still make it without some people or some things in your life and just put your trust and faith in God. Learn to let go and to adapt to some vital changes in your life and watch how your life will turn around for the best. We should all learn to embrace and accommodate change.

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